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    october random updates

    Windows Phone 8 ships! We finally RTM’d and had our ship party at work which involved derby car races, Sir Mix-a-lot and a last minute flash mob to Gangnam Style (Natalie’s FAVORITE song right now) organized by yours truly.  I will never forget giving a private dance lesson to my VP on how to dance like a horse to Gangnam style, hilarious.  I dressed our team up to be the entire gang of Avengers which was also quite fun – the whole thing took up a ton of time but c’est la vie right? Natalie’s obsessions I didn’t want to forget the things that Natalie’s really into now, so here…

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    Fun times at home

    Well, the weather came around and we’ve had really nice, warm weather, straight into September.  As a result, we’ve been able to enjoy some activities around town in the last few weeks. We didn’t go anywhere for Labor Day weekend and just planned a staycation.  We took advantage of the weather and headed out.  On Saturday, we finally decided to check out the new Great Ferris Wheel which opened up in July.  This thing really changes the Seattle waterfront skyline, it’s huge.  Anyway, it’s definitely geared towards tourists at $14/adult (Natalie was still free, whew)…but it was fun for us to have Natalie ride her first ferris wheel and she…

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    Finally, a bit of summer!

    This last weekend, we had amazing gorgeous weather — sunny and in the 70’s/80’s. We took advantage of it with a ton of outdoor activities. On Saturday, I headed out and met up with Aileen & Miss Violet for a little playdate at the Madison Park playground…well, it was more like Natalie was playing and we followed her around with Violet asleep in the Ergo. What a neat lil park–it was very new and I was impressed by how advanced some of it was! Dang, I wish playgrounds were that cool when I was a kid. It’s really fun to see Natalie at a playground now as she’s much more…

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    It’s July and I’m still wearing my winter jacket

    Our summer here in Seattle has completely sucked so far. I’m still wearing my winter jacket. We’ve had a few really nice days here and there—but that’s it: it was a few DAYS. A local meterologist recently decided to investigate how long of a summer we’ve had in Seattle this year. If you do it based on temperatures being 80-degrees or warmer, our summer has been a whopping: 78 minutes To break it down: 12 minutes on July 2, and 66 minutes on July 6 If you look at it based on 75-degree temperatures, it’s 18 hours and 48 minutes. It’s not even a FULL DAY. Ugh. That said, the…

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    1.11.11 Snow

    On Jan 11th, the weather gods came together and got it to snow in 49 of the 50 states (Florida was the hold out!).  It got cold enough in WA state that we got some pretty awesome snow.  Unfortunately, by morning, temperatures warmed up and that precipitation just turned into rain.  By the afternoon, most of the snow had melted away.  Anyway, here is a series of videos I took the evening it snowed just to show how much snow was coming down.  It so rarely snows here so it’s quite exciting when it does: 8:30pm 10pm 11:30pm

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    Weekend Wrapup: Tulip Festival and Art Restaurant

    After living in Seattle for nearly 11 years, I FINALLY visited the Tulip Festival with my parents yesterday— figured one way to help with inducing labor was long walks so why not do it amongst a field of gorgeous tulips?  We drove an hour up north to La Conner, WA and went over to Tulip Town, one of two places where you can view the fields of tulips.  We were lucky with the weather as we had no idea what to expect—it was sunny and gorgeous in Seattle but pouring rain in Everett…luckily, by the time we go to La Conner, it was nice and sunny with patches of clouds. …

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    A new way to watch movies

    On Saturday, we decided to have a “date night” by going out to watch Date Night.  Originally, we were going to use one of the movie theater gift certificates we bought through Costco…but then I read that the movie was showing at this theater I’ve been wanting to check out for awhile, the Cinebarre Theater which is a little north of us.  It was a great experience!  It’s a 21+ theater because there’s a bar right when you walk in.  Theater rooms are set up with comfy seats with tables in front of them where you can order from a full food and bar menu—we split mozzarella sticks and pizza…