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    Natalie’s goodbye routine

    Natalie has a pretty funny lil routine when it comes to parting ways at her preschool.  I wanted to jot this down before I forget. First, a hug. Then, a kiss. Next, a handshake. After that, she enters the classroom while I start to leave. Then she runs out and stands at the gate reaching out and says “oh, and don’t forget to drop me off at home and tell me if the school is closed!” It doesn’t make much sense but it’s her way of saying goodbye at the start of the day.

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    Andrew is a toddler!

    Oh gawd, I thought I was bad keeping up with this blog when I had one kid.  Now I’m just terrible with two kids.  I’ll try to follow up with other posts about other events (like travel) but I’ll focus this one on updating about Andrew. Andrew is a toddler now! Well, he isn’t actually “toddlin’” but he’s officially a year old.  We had a great backyard BBQ party with some friends to celebrate—it was a beautiful, sunny day and it was our first time hosting a party in our new backyard. We finally got a grill and we cooked up lots of burgers and hot dogs.  Andrew completely devoured…

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    Newborn cloth diapering

    Last week, I packed up the set of newborn cloth diapers that I had rented and sent them back.  Now that he can fit into most of the one size diapers we have, I don’t need them anymore.  (BTW, I went through Earthy Crunchy Mama — highly recommend the program as you can select the types of diapers you want to rent, and the customer service was fantastic!)  Andrew is 3.5 months and we only really started the cloth diapers when he was about a month old, mainly because he was such a tiny guy that he could barely fit into the diapers I had (plus, we were just exhausted…

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    Busy with two

    Oh man, I have really neglected this blog.  I actually started a draft a few weeks ago and then lost it…and while I’m frequently on my laptop, it’s usually while nursing and with just one hand available…not optimal blog writing conditions.  Here are some updates – mainly on the kids front: Andrew’s gaining weight We’ve been on breastmilk only since he was a month.  By the time he was 2 months, he was 8lb 7.5oz.  Still a small baby (I think he’s officially in the .5-1%) but he’s gaining weight appropriately per the curve according to the pediatrician.  He’s nearly 3 months now and I don’t know how much he…

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    Turning the corner….

    Wahoo, Andrew is finally gaining weight!  I went for a weight check yesterday and he weighed….[drumroll]….7 lb 4 oz!  Now, it’s not apples to apples as the lactation nurse weighed him with his clothes and diaper on.  Even then, she said that the clothes at most contribute 4-5 ounces, so even at 6 lb 15 oz, that’s an incredible weight gain! Whew! Just to stay on track, we’re going to keep supplementing with an ounce of milk after a feeding…but I’m going to wean off some of the pumping (cue the sounds of heaven).  That said, based on my pumping output, she does think my supply is on the low…

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    Blue eyes again?

    It was a shock to us when Natalie had blue eyes in her first year (which eventually turned to the hazel-ish color they are now).  I think Andrew may be following the same path.  His eyes were a definite grey when he was born and now they’re taking on a twinge of blue……can’t wait to see how they turn out!  

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    Feed, Supplement, Pump….Rinse, Repeat

    I’m on a nursing vacation right now.  Andrew’s weight isn’t quite where the pediatrician wants it to be.  Birth = 6lb 13oz 1 week = 6lb 3 oz 2 weeks = 6lb 5.5oz 3 weeks = 6lb 8oz Every baby loses weight in the beginning..but then starts gaining, and they like to see about an ounce a day gain.  He should be back at his birth weight now but he isn’t.  The good news is that he’s at least gaining weight. His latch seems good and he seems to drain my breast well, so there’s concern that my milk supply may’ve taken a hit in the beginning…so we are doing…

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    First couple of weeks

    The first couple of weeks with a 36-weeker are different from a 41-weeker (Natalie).  Between Andrew being our second child and him being a pre-term baby, our experience feels different. First off, he’s generally more sleepy.  We have to wake him up for most feedings (except at night – usual day/night switching for a newborn).  This results in him being less efficient with feeding in general.  Fortunately, he has latched on without a problem but he falls asleep sooo easily.  We’ve been concerned about him getting enough milk and his weight gain.  At his 2 week checkup, he was still below his birth weight….so now I’m pumping after every other…

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    Crazy couple of weeks

    Man, it’s been a crazy few weeks. 1. GD Diagnosis, blargh On the pregnancy front, I had to endure the 3 hour glucose test which was NOT FUN.  The test involves fasting from the night before – then coming in, getting your blood drawn, drinking an entire bottle of this nasty glucose drink, then getting your blood drawn again 1 hour later, 2 hours later and 3 hours later.  Ugh.  I never quite understood why it was that bad (since I’d only ever done the 1 hour) until I actually went through it myself.  Not only are you totally starving (and pregnant women are ravenously hungry all the time as…

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    Done with Diapers!

    I can’t believe how fast this has happened but we are 100% fully done with diapers.  A few weeks ago, we stopped using diapers with Natalie at naptime and she didn’t have a single accident.  All that was left was nighttime, which I had read could potentially be years before a child was nighttime trained, so we didn’t push it and have just been monitoring her. For awhile, she was waking up with a wet diaper overnight perhaps 2-3 times a week.  When she did have a wet diaper, it was often not that saturated—that is, I used to always have to have a super absorbent bulky nighttime diaper for…