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    How did it become December already?

    Fall felt like it was just here…but with a few cold wet weeks, it is now winter.  I’m literally sitting in my office wearing a huge down parka coat sipping chai. The past few weeks have been a blur between going off to Vegas once again for Thanksgiving and then Matt’s parents visiting the following weekend.  It’s always nice to have an opportunity to see family, and for Natalie to hang out with them all. We were in Vegas for a week and, once again, it was mostly chill time and eating Chinese food.  We hit the strip only twice—once to go to Circus Circus for Natalie and the second…

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    october random updates

    Windows Phone 8 ships! We finally RTM’d and had our ship party at work which involved derby car races, Sir Mix-a-lot and a last minute flash mob to Gangnam Style (Natalie’s FAVORITE song right now) organized by yours truly.  I will never forget giving a private dance lesson to my VP on how to dance like a horse to Gangnam style, hilarious.  I dressed our team up to be the entire gang of Avengers which was also quite fun – the whole thing took up a ton of time but c’est la vie right? Natalie’s obsessions I didn’t want to forget the things that Natalie’s really into now, so here…

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    Keepin’ busy as a SAHM

    Man, it’s been hard keeping this blog up to date.  You would think with me being a summer SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), I’d have all this time on my hands to be able to update all the new things I learn about Natalie but I don’t!  I don’t know how time flies like this.  At the same time, I’ve been forcing myself to get out and do stuff so that I don’t go stir crazy. (Speaking of, I have time on my hands right now because at the time of this writing — 9:15am — Natalie is STILL asleep.  I can’t believe it.  I don’t know why she’s sleeping…

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    Weekend Wrapup: Tulip Festival and Art Restaurant

    After living in Seattle for nearly 11 years, I FINALLY visited the Tulip Festival with my parents yesterday— figured one way to help with inducing labor was long walks so why not do it amongst a field of gorgeous tulips?  We drove an hour up north to La Conner, WA and went over to Tulip Town, one of two places where you can view the fields of tulips.  We were lucky with the weather as we had no idea what to expect—it was sunny and gorgeous in Seattle but pouring rain in Everett…luckily, by the time we go to La Conner, it was nice and sunny with patches of clouds. …

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    Mmmm…Steamed Fish

    I was craving steamed fish tonight — so we went out to Uwajimaya, bought a small rockfish for a whoppin’ $4.47 and made this delicious dish using this basic recipe.  Yum!!!  Glad I was able to hold it down as I haven’t had a lot of good luck with fish during this pregnancy (i.e. salmon makes me nauseous–boo) but basic white fish with soy sauce, ginger, & cilantro tastes so good.

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    Gong Hay Fat Choy!

    Happy Chinese New y’all!!  This is a special year because it’s the Year of the Tiger — special because both of my parents are Tigers and our future daughter will also be a Tiger.  I’m not sure why, but my parents always tell me that whenever it’s your year, you have to be extra careful because you’re more likely to be unlucky or open yourself to risk.  2010 would be such a year for my parents….but that risk can be cancelled if something celebratory within the family happens: typically a wedding or a new baby.  In this case, the birth of our daughter will cancel out any bad luck my…

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    Frozen Custard comes to Seattle!

    In Kansas, there is frozen custard EVERYWHERE. I remember this even in high school as the trend started picking up…you couldn’t find an ice cream shop except the Baskin-Robbins in the strip mall…but you could find a few frozen custard stores. I’d been wondering if it was just a midwest thing as I never saw such a store on the East Coast or West Coast. Well, about a month ago, after having dinner at Spinasse up the street, Matt and I noticed a sign for a frozen custard place and wondered………well, it finally opened! Old School Frozen Custard is just up the street—I can’t wait to check it out. As…

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    Truffled Gnocchi Goodness

    Last night, before heading to the symphony, we got dinner at the Art Restaurant & Lounge in the recently opened Four Seasons Hotel downtown, about 2 blocks away from Benaroya Hall. Overall, great experience—the service was superb as one would expect from the Four Seasons. The ambience and decoration was modern and simplistic, much like the rest of the hotel. The view mostly phenomenal were it not for the huge Public Storage building right in front–it is right on 1st Ave so there are water views aplenty. The menu consisted of food either from the “the counter”, which was literally a counter in the middle of the restaurant with a…

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    A Lamb Chop dinner

    Just finished eating dinner and I’m rather proud of the meal I just made for the two of us. It was incredibly delicious. I thought I’d share the random recipe I put together based on cookbooks as well as playing around with ingredients a bit. (I also don’t want to forget what I did) My measurements aren’t exact as I usually eye the food… Lamb Chops w/Arugula Pesto & Pureed ParsnipMade to serve 2 3-4 ParsnipsRack of Lamb Rib Chops (about 6-10 pieces, enough so each person has about 3-5)2 oz. Arugula (about half a bunch)Parmesan cheese (~3-5 tablespoons)Milk or Heavy CreamTruffle oil3-4 tablespoons of melted salted butterOlive oilSaltPepperTablespoon of…