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    Weekend on Whidbey

    Our weekend on Whidbey Island was awesome – I love that it’s so close to Seattle yet feels like it’s so far away (I’d say the same thing, frankly, about any of the islands up there). We took off Saturday morning, driving up to Mukilteo and catching the ferry to Clinton: We then drove into Langley and got some lunch at the Village Pizzeria. After lunch, we wandered around the various cute shops, like the Star Store and Chef’s Pantry. In the afternoon, we checked into the Inn at Langley which is situated right on the water, each room’s balcony with a 180-degree view of the water. The jetted tub…

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    Happy Birthday to my husband…

    Happy Birthday to my dearest husband! I decided to surprise Matt for his birthday last night by preparing an extravagant dinner. Knowing that he had class, I knew I couldn’t plan to take him out to dinner as reservations would be rather late…so I decided to have a nice meal at home. Then I had the idea of shipping overnight some baked stuffed lobsters from the Venus de Milo restaurant in Swansea, MA—a favorite of his parents and a place we always go to whenever we visit. I ordered the lobsters and some clam chowder and secretly shipped it to a neighbor for me to pick up after work. On…

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    Escaping the cold

    Man, after all my complaints about returning to the cold after spending a glorious week of sun and 80-degree weather in Florida, there were record lows that suddenly hit Southeast Florida yesterday. In Tallahassee, it was 18 degrees, 25 degrees in Jacksonville and 30 degrees in Fort Myers, which is the closest town to where we were staying in Florida! Today, high temperatures went back to the 50’s and tomorrow it will head back up to the 70’s and then finally back in the “norm” of the 80’s. I can’t believe the 50-degree drop…crazy.

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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!!! We got back from Florida in the afternoon and by the evening, we were in sequins and suit, having a delicious meal at Qube. We topped off the night by attending a party with friends at Barca. Photo courtesy of Matt Hallett

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    Christmas in Florida

    Just got back from a glorious week or so in Florida, visiting Matt’s parents. The weather was incredible—for the most part, we had 80-degree days, lots of sun, very few clouds. I was wearing flip flops the whole time and never needed to wear the jeans I brought down with me. It was a whole bunch of relaxing, eating yummy food, shopping, and watching many episodes of Lost. (we are totally addicted to it now, by the way…almost done with Season 2 now) One highlight while we were there was visiting the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. Yup–as in the Ringling Brothers. In addition to starting a famous circus with his…