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    Thoughts on the HTC Hero

    I wrote this over a month ago and never published it…for sake of getting it out, here it is…————————-I recently had to get a new phone because of work—or moreso, I could no longer use my work number as my primary number. Fortunately, I still kept the same number that I’ve had for 10 years; however, with it now being my primary number, it got me interested in checking out a non Windows Mobile device for the sake of just being familiar with what else is out there. I’m in a contract with T-Mobile so that limited my choice of phones. I at first decided to go with the MyTouch…

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    Decisions Decisions….

    Matt and I have been talking for a long awhile about the desire to eventually move out of the hip urban loft condo and into a house. Yes, a house. It’s with mixed feelings, of course, as we totally LOVE our condo in the city right now — walk everywhere, in the heart of Capitol Hill, easy access to the highway, etc… but we recently decided that now is the time to finally move forward. For the last few weeks, we met with a real estate agent and lender and started prepping our condo to put on the market. By prepping, that means renting a storage unit and packing up…

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    Caribbean Cruise

    Sorry it’s been awhile and I never posted about our trip to the Caribbean. It was a fabulous vacation and we really enjoyed taking our first cruise together. The weather was great the whole time and we enjoyed the water, the beach, the sun and all the food. I think I’ve converted Matt to a cruise lover! Anyhow, the pictures will speak for themselves: Day in San Juan 2nd Day in San Juan + Boarding the Ship Days at Sea Aruba – snorkeling! Scuba Diving in Curacao Tour in Dominica St. Thomas/St. John Last Day in San Juan