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    Relief at last

    I forgot to mention that my itchiness has spread to my hands, feet, legs, thighs, etc……so freakin’ annoying!  Well, the good news is that the OB got my test results back and I definitely don’t have Cholestasis.  The bad news is that I remain itchy.  It’s the worst at night and all weekend, I was losing sleep over my itchiness…I would just lie there with an overwhelming tingly sensation all over my body.  Out of desperation, I called the OB again yesterday pleading for something stronger…and she prescribed me an antihistamine.  At last!  I took one teeny tiny pill and it finally knocked me out for a night.  Woo hoo! …

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    Swollen fingers

    I never take off my rings for anything — not to sleep, not to shower, etc.  (except for a manicure, but I haven’t had one in over a year)  Well, I recently noticed how many people would comment “wow, I’m amazed you’re still wearing your rings!”.  I never thought much about it because my rings haven’t bothered me whatsoever — I can still turn them, they’re not blue, blood is still flowing through….but out of curiosity, the other day, I tried to remove them.  No dice.  Impossible.  Now, I know that pregnant women can retain water, resulting in swelling around their ankles and feet.  I fortunately have had the same…

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    35 week appointment

    Just got back from an incredibly long 35 week appointment—nothing to be alarmed about…but after seeing my belly and how red it was from my incessant itching, my OB decided to prescribe some sort of PUPPP cream to help me deal with the itchiness (and no, I haven’t been diagnosed with PUPPP but the cream will help me!).  Also, as a precaution, they wanted to do a “baby stress test” which involved me being hooked up to monitor the heartrate and any contractions for about 20-30 min.  Heartrate was steady and no contractions.  Also got my blood drawn to make sure the itchiness isn’t an issue with my liver and…

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    35 weeks!

    I’m 35 weeks today!  That means 5 more weeks til the due date, or 2 more weeks til I’m technically full-term…eeks!  So how am I feeling now?  All in all, not bad…BUT I’m starting to be fatigued all the time.  All I want to do is just lay around and do nothing.  I was really fortunate to have skipped the fatigue stage during the 1st trimester…but in this last month, man, I’m just freakin’ tired always. The second annoying thing is that my belly is so ITCHY!!  Why?  Well, darn it — I thought I escaped it but in the last few weeks, I finally developed stretch marks.  Damn those things….but…

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    Mmmm…Steamed Fish

    I was craving steamed fish tonight — so we went out to Uwajimaya, bought a small rockfish for a whoppin’ $4.47 and made this delicious dish using this basic recipe.  Yum!!!  Glad I was able to hold it down as I haven’t had a lot of good luck with fish during this pregnancy (i.e. salmon makes me nauseous–boo) but basic white fish with soy sauce, ginger, & cilantro tastes so good.

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    Catching up on this last month

    Oh dear — how did a month go by already and I’ve missed out on updating this blog.  Terrible.  I’ll try to be more frequent, especially in this last month of pregnancy. Well, since the last post, one of the more exciting things that happened was my baby shower!!!  Phoebe, Asayo and Jigna were kind enough to organize a shower for me on a beautiful Saturday at the end of February with the theme of “tea time”.  There was a good turnout and the games were all thoughtful and not cheesy or gross. (thank goodness they didn’t do the “smell the diaper” game)  We feel incredibly blessed with the generous gifts…