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    Playing with vowels

    It’s really fascinating hearing Natalie playing with words, sounds, vowels.  Lately, she’s very much into the “dub-a-dub-a-dub” pattern: And just over the weekend, she started making a “num-a-num-num-a” pattern: She still loves saying “Da Da!” particularly when pointing to practically anyone…and of course there’s “cat” when she sees the cats…and “up!” whenever we head upstairs. She also started to make a faint “flaow” sound when pointing to these flower decals right above the changing pad.

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    Finally, a bit of summer!

    This last weekend, we had amazing gorgeous weather — sunny and in the 70’s/80’s. We took advantage of it with a ton of outdoor activities. On Saturday, I headed out and met up with Aileen & Miss Violet for a little playdate at the Madison Park playground…well, it was more like Natalie was playing and we followed her around with Violet asleep in the Ergo. What a neat lil park–it was very new and I was impressed by how advanced some of it was! Dang, I wish playgrounds were that cool when I was a kid. It’s really fun to see Natalie at a playground now as she’s much more…

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    It’s July and I’m still wearing my winter jacket

    Our summer here in Seattle has completely sucked so far. I’m still wearing my winter jacket. We’ve had a few really nice days here and there—but that’s it: it was a few DAYS. A local meterologist recently decided to investigate how long of a summer we’ve had in Seattle this year. If you do it based on temperatures being 80-degrees or warmer, our summer has been a whopping: 78 minutes To break it down: 12 minutes on July 2, and 66 minutes on July 6 If you look at it based on 75-degree temperatures, it’s 18 hours and 48 minutes. It’s not even a FULL DAY. Ugh. That said, the…

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    I promise to update more

    OK, I’m starting to push out updates only once a month now. Ugh. I’m going to work on updating more frequently. As usual, lots of Natalie updates. Fun things to note with her in this last month: She walks around a lot….and very fast. She’s very comfortable with the stairs now — going up and down.  She loves to say “up!” as she goes up the stairs She has a “professor walk” where she likes to walk holding her hands behind her back — it cracks us up Eating is always an experiment — she throws food and waves her arms all over the place sometimes.  She LOVES the baby-puree-style…