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    Natalie funny quote

    I really need to get better about writing down when Natalie says something quite amusing.   She said something hilarious last weekend and I just had to write it down before I forgot. It was a rainy day and Matt’s dad had gone out down the street to pick up something from the store.  During his walk, he tripped and fell and naturally got his pants a bit wet from the sidewalk.  After he came home, Natalie walked up to him, saw his pants, and said: “oh no! Vavo*! Your pants are wet! You need a new diaper!” She was seriously concerned. *”vavo” is grandfather in Portuguese

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    How did it become December already?

    Fall felt like it was just here…but with a few cold wet weeks, it is now winter.  I’m literally sitting in my office wearing a huge down parka coat sipping chai. The past few weeks have been a blur between going off to Vegas once again for Thanksgiving and then Matt’s parents visiting the following weekend.  It’s always nice to have an opportunity to see family, and for Natalie to hang out with them all. We were in Vegas for a week and, once again, it was mostly chill time and eating Chinese food.  We hit the strip only twice—once to go to Circus Circus for Natalie and the second…