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    Turning the corner….

    Wahoo, Andrew is finally gaining weight!  I went for a weight check yesterday and he weighed….[drumroll]….7 lb 4 oz!  Now, it’s not apples to apples as the lactation nurse weighed him with his clothes and diaper on.  Even then, she said that the clothes at most contribute 4-5 ounces, so even at 6 lb 15 oz, that’s an incredible weight gain! Whew! Just to stay on track, we’re going to keep supplementing with an ounce of milk after a feeding…but I’m going to wean off some of the pumping (cue the sounds of heaven).  That said, based on my pumping output, she does think my supply is on the low…

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    Blue eyes again?

    It was a shock to us when Natalie had blue eyes in her first year (which eventually turned to the hazel-ish color they are now).  I think Andrew may be following the same path.  His eyes were a definite grey when he was born and now they’re taking on a twinge of blue……can’t wait to see how they turn out!  

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    GD Diet

    I’ve had a surprising weight loss from this pregnancy.  I only gained 12 lbs (compared to the 25-30 lbs I gained with Natalie).  My whole third trimester was on a diet to lower my blood sugar levels due to the gestational diabetes. I’m now about 15 lbs below my prepregnancy weight.  I’m only about 5 lbs heavier than when I got married which is just insane to me.  I’m even below my pre-Natalie-pregnancy weight.  After having Natalie, I couldn’t get lower than 5 lbs above my prepregnancy weight. Yes, in the last few weeks, I’ve lost 27 lbs.  Call it the “have gestational diabetes while pregnant” diet. I have to…

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    Feed, Supplement, Pump….Rinse, Repeat

    I’m on a nursing vacation right now.  Andrew’s weight isn’t quite where the pediatrician wants it to be.  Birth = 6lb 13oz 1 week = 6lb 3 oz 2 weeks = 6lb 5.5oz 3 weeks = 6lb 8oz Every baby loses weight in the beginning..but then starts gaining, and they like to see about an ounce a day gain.  He should be back at his birth weight now but he isn’t.  The good news is that he’s at least gaining weight. His latch seems good and he seems to drain my breast well, so there’s concern that my milk supply may’ve taken a hit in the beginning…so we are doing…

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    First couple of weeks

    The first couple of weeks with a 36-weeker are different from a 41-weeker (Natalie).  Between Andrew being our second child and him being a pre-term baby, our experience feels different. First off, he’s generally more sleepy.  We have to wake him up for most feedings (except at night – usual day/night switching for a newborn).  This results in him being less efficient with feeding in general.  Fortunately, he has latched on without a problem but he falls asleep sooo easily.  We’ve been concerned about him getting enough milk and his weight gain.  At his 2 week checkup, he was still below his birth weight….so now I’m pumping after every other…