Feed, Supplement, Pump….Rinse, Repeat

I’m on a nursing vacation right now.  Andrew’s weight isn’t quite where the pediatrician wants it to be. 

Birth = 6lb 13oz

1 week = 6lb 3 oz

2 weeks = 6lb 5.5oz

3 weeks = 6lb 8oz

Every baby loses weight in the beginning..but then starts gaining, and they like to see about an ounce a day gain.  He should be back at his birth weight now but he isn’t.  The good news is that he’s at least gaining weight.

His latch seems good and he seems to drain my breast well, so there’s concern that my milk supply may’ve taken a hit in the beginning…so we are doing everything we can to boost it up.  In addition to taking 9 capsules of fenugreek a day, I’m now pumping after every feeding and also supplementing him with an ounce of pumped milk after each feeding.  I was also asked to switch to a hospital grade pump — so I went up to Northwest Medical Supplies this morning and rented a Medela Symphony (I would’ve preferred to rent from the much-closer Village Maternity but they didn’t have any available…until an hour after I came home from NW Medical Supplies, darn it)

I’ll be back for another weight check next week and see from there what to do…hoping he’s at his birth weight by then.  Until then, there isn’t much time for me to be able to leave the house due to the pumping.  I really admire those moms that exclusively pump—how do they have time to ever run out and do errands?


  • Aileen

    Since Violet was early, the in-hospital lactation consultants actually had me start pumping after every “feeding” (even though my milk wasn’t in yet) from the very first day. I was always either nursing or pumping for a while– so I know what you mean! I hope it works in kicking your supply up.

  • audrey

    Thanks Aileen! Yeah, they had me do the same in the hospital at first….but then told me I didn’t need to do that anymore after my milk came in…then he got jaundiced but I still just nursed regularly.and it wasn’t until his 2 week apt when his weight was still low that they had me start pumping again (at the time, after every other feeding)…then at the 3 week when it was still low, we upped it to after every feeding. I’m really looking forward to returning to a normal breastfeeding relationship!

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