Turning the corner….

Wahoo, Andrew is finally gaining weight!  I went for a weight check yesterday and he weighed….[drumroll]….7 lb 4 oz!  Now, it’s not apples to apples as the lactation nurse weighed him with his clothes and diaper on.  Even then, she said that the clothes at most contribute 4-5 ounces, so even at 6 lb 15 oz, that’s an incredible weight gain! Whew!

Just to stay on track, we’re going to keep supplementing with an ounce of milk after a feeding…but I’m going to wean off some of the pumping (cue the sounds of heaven).  That said, based on my pumping output, she does think my supply is on the low end, so the pumping will help with increasing it, so it doesn’t hurt to keep it going a bit (plus, since we are still supplementing, I need/prefer to pump so we don’t need to supplement with formula).  For now, I’m removing my late afternoon pump.  (it was the least productive anyway)

Since this news gives me more flexibility to leave the house, I wanted to celebrate my parents and I went down to Elliott’s for their Oyster Happy hour and I indulged in oysters and tuna poke, both things I missed dearly during my pregnancy.  Mmmmm, so good.

Crossing fingers that his weight continues moving up for his 1 month appt next week!

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