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what a long crazy week at work. we went through a reorg recently and i’m liking it….but i get so frustrated by all the “in-between” time when we try to nail down new processes and things like that.

hung out with jocelyn for the first time in a long time…i successfully made a yummy linguini with clams and we just caught up with each other. i can’t believe julia went to thailand. well, i do believe it…i’m just jealous that she has the freedom to go off and volunteer with teaching monks about environmental consciousness in thailand.

good news—>amazon finally announces profitability. sweet. the whole company was celebrating on tuesday. we all gathered in our conference rooms and Jeff phoned in and gave a brief congratulatory speech as we toasted with champagne. will be interesting to see how the rest of the year continues.

the other day, while stopped on a hill at a red light, the car didn’t catch their gas fast enough and ran into me. what was incredible is that she then took off! I ended up chasing her for several blocks, honking my horn and flashing my lights…until I was finally able to drive up next to her to say “excuse me! you ran into me! i think you should stop your car.” Fortunately, there was no damage and all was cool…and when I told her that I was trying to flag her down forever, her excuse was that she was deaf in one ear and couldn’t hear me. It seriously disturbed me that she was driving if she can’t hear, say, police sirens or someone honking at her. And I don’t know how she couldn’t tell that she backed up into me. argh.

went to my first bellydancing class…it was a pretty full class. met my instructor, mish mish. we went over the history of the dance and went over some basic moves. i’m so interested in the classes that they offer…after our class was this cool dance class called Caphoeira that looks pretty hard. it’s a combination of dance and fighting moves…curious to try that sometime.

tomorrow is the big house party that thomas,josh,bart and chris are throwing. i’m trying to imagine 100+ people at their house. must find swanky outfit as it’s a “sex and the city” party and i have to be all new york swanky.

i want to go snowboarding tomorrow with eugene etc. but i’m on call. bummer.

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