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argh. my email is down. as a company, we’re migrating to the microsoft exchange server…and i was one of the first that had to migrate over. everything was fine until today. i basically haven’t been able to check any email over the past 3 hours…amazing how much of my work involves needing my email up now..especially since becoming a manager. in the past, i could just sit and finish my coding for the rest of the day…but i don’t do that as much anymore–just a lot of coordination and answering lots of questions for business owners. wow…i guess i could *gasp* go home early. i haven’t left work early in so long…i’ve been on such a hectic work schedule for so long.

change is good..right? i’ve been debating about major changes at work for awhile now…and this year might be it.

for the last two nights, i’ve been obsessed with watching a TV miniseries, Rose Red, a stephen king thriller about a haunted house that sits on Spring St. in Seattle. It’s hilarious seeing where they placed it because it’s this HUGE house that has a view of I-5 and downtown..yet it looks like it’s where Virginia Mason is. Stephen King made a cameo appearance last night as a dorky pizza guy—I love seeing when directors or authors make their cameo appearances in the works that they create (like M. Night Shyamalan as a doctor in Sixth Sense).

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