work is starting to get stressful again….i haven’t felt this stress in awhile. i’m kind of balancing two jobs right now: my current position as web dev manager and also as program manager…which is a little crazy. i can’t wait til all this madness goes away. but it’s good: I like it when I’m busy as opposed to doing nothing really.

it’s such a gorgeous gorgeous day in seattle. i went out last night to REI and finally bought a pair of Salomon inline skates…about time. My last ones were stolen when my car was stolen last September…and State Farm wrote out a nice $200 check for me to buy some new ones. I think I’m going to go out to Alki and use them today…I can’t wait. Really need to learn how to stop in those things though….

I saw Thomas last night at salsa class…it’s always a weird experience seeing your ex for the first time—there are completely mixed feelings of anger and love. I’m glad that we did, though….especially since we had a really good talk afterwards. My perspective of his thought process completely changed…which was really fortunate as I thought he was some close-minded bastard all last week, based on things he said that were of course misinterpreted. It’s kind of “too bad” that things happened the way they did considering that they could have worked out…but it was a little too late to realize that I guess. [sigh] Oh well. I hope that the free spirit within him comes out soon….he’s happier that way, I know it.

speaking of salsa class, my instructor amended what she had told me in the last class….she now wants me to enroll in Salsa 4 for the next session!!! Wahoo! Damn, I felt good.

going to take fred out for his birthday dinner tonight at avenue one…can’t wait.

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