last week, jigna and i went down to boeing to play with a Boeing 767-400 Flight Simulator, courtesy of Shawn. What an amazing experience it was…and how realistic it was also. I had no idea that pilots taxi down the runway only using a little lever on the side….or that they can crank open the windows while taxi-ing to get some fresh air. The simulator was able to reproduce every type of environment–night, day, dawn, dusk–and every type of weather imaginable.

i saw the new spider-man movie on friday night which was a lot of fun. i loved tobey mcguire in that role. it’s about time we had a superhero that we can all relate to. you know, someone asked me once if i had a superhero power, what would it be? and at the time, i said that i wanted the ability to not need to sleep so i could do as many things as possible in my lifetime….but I don’t think so anymore. that wouldn’t really be a useful superpower if everyone else always needs to sleep anyway. plus, i like sleep. so…i change it to: flying.

i’ve been working more on aaron’s portfolio website so he can find a job. he’s such a talented guy…i hope he lands someplace that he’s happy. he’s worked so hard all of these years. This is one of the more recent things I’ve added to his site.

i have this one dark brown stuffed bear that usually sits on my bed. the other night, just before going to bed, i knocked it on the floor while pulling my comforter together. when i woke up in the morning, it was sitting right in front of me on the bed, staring at me. weird. either i subconsciously picked it up in my sleep and brought it right next to me in bed (possible but strange as i don’t usually do much in my sleep movement-wise) or something’s spooky in my apartment. i know it’s more likely the former..but i get easily scared. see, i live in this super old house…..old for seattle, that is—it was built in 1903–and that’s old for seattle. at one point, it was a brothel and had over fifty rooms in it! charming history huh? but because of that, i have a fear of seeing a dead soldier or prostitute in my room one of these nights. i know, silly thoughts…but i can’t help thinking such things.

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