saw teatro zinzanni‘s show “dinner & dreams” last week which was fabulous! they have a show in san francisco too…so if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend this show…though here in seattle, it’s sold out for the next 2 months. it was more vaudeville-like than cirque du soleil (although it definitely had its share of acrobats). If anything, it was just a fun evening of laughter, love, and smiles…along with decent yummy food (generic spinach salad, salmon and lemon tart).

because i’m a first-year subscriber, phoebe and i had the opportunity to attend a studio rehearsal of the pacific northwest ballet last week. what a change to see the dancers out of costume, only a few feet away. they have a gorgeous studio too with floor-to-ceiling windows that filter in the evening daylight.

memorial day weekend was nice and relaxing, considering that i was oncall for all of it (my last week of on-call duties!). saturday, jolie and i drove up to anacortes to join up with owen and friends for a full day of watching the sun set over the san juans and kayaking. i saw a lot of people that i haven’t hung out with in awhile 🙁 which was a little strange as i felt as out of touch as jolie did, who really just met everyone for the first time. sunday, came back to watch the mariners cream the baltimore orioles with thomas and his sister & her husband who were visiting. afterwards, we wandered around the northwest folklife festival at the seattle center.

last night, i saw phoebe & ray’s new house which is oh so cute. i’m starting to think seriously again about whether or not i should buy a place. thomas also just bought a condo which is fabulous—newly built and in the heart of queen anne. i’m going to attend one of those free home buying seminars this weekend and perhaps seriously start looking around over the next month. *gulp* to imagine owning a place. it seems like such a commitment right now. well, it is. but i’m afraid of finding myself still here in seattle a few years from now saying to myself “oh, i wish i had bought a place back then…”

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