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i got a parking ticket and am sooo pissed about it. yesterday, after the company “all hands” meeting, I went down to the Pike Place Market to grab some food, knowing that I had about 45 minutes on my meter to do so. I got back to my car just in time, as I saw the meter maid guy pulling right up to the car that was parked behind mine. He started talking to the lady who owned the car parked behind mine as I sat in my car. I was literally pulling away when I heard a tap on my window–he had a parking ticket for me!! The balls!! He actually wrote me a parking ticket as I was sitting in my car!!! I can’t believe that. It just doesn’t seem right. I was livid for the next hour after that. ugh. i want to contest it in court but don’t know if it’s worth it. It just angers me so much…

went up to vancouver the other weekend with some friends. never really spent too much time in that city except to visit relatives..meaning, all i see is my great-granduncle’s house and chinatown. i shopped w-a-a-y too much along robson street..but i loved the city. it felt really european to me. i don’t know why–perhaps because it seemed like there were a lot of outdoor cafes. funny how i attribute that one thing to being european-like.

my birthday is this sunday…woo hoo. i’ve invited some friends to come over for a casual potluck..should be fun. i’m glad i’m doing something…i’m such a leo–if i do nothing on my birthday, i feel so sad for myself. wow, i’ll be a quarter century old…looking forward to it. my parents were so sweet—they sent me flowers, which i found when i got into the office this morning.

i finally broke down and got digital cable. i can now join everyone in watching HBO shows and reminiscing old game shows with the Game Show Network (I can get addicted to “Whammy”–I somehow remember that show). It’s completely changed my way of channel surfing…now, I just go to the menu and look at the titles of the shows that are on..rather than getting my brief 1 second preview like I used to. Also, no more commercial breaks for movies! On one hand, that’s great..but on the other hand, it’s so bad for me to turn on the TV in the morning and get caught up watching a movie. There’s no commercial break for me to just leave.

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