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yay–i’m 25 now. woo hoo. had a pretty great birthday weekend.

friday, eugene treated me to a fantastic evening of watching norah jones at the moore theater and then dinner at one of my favorites, marco’s supper club afterwards. i’d never heard norah’s music until that night and fell in love with her voice…it has that slight raspy, full and smooth quality. she was completely adorable to watch. bought her cd the other day and it is now my new album to listen to while making dinner. you should check it out if you haven’t yet.

saturday, phoebe and i went over to brad’s apartment for a bday celebration for derek, whose bday was monday. i loved their place–definitely the ultimate kind of decor i’d want: hard wood floors, tall ceilings, very modern kitchen, exposed brick. had such a great time as i always do with brad’s friends…sadly, he’s moving to victoria at the end of the month..but I’m sure he’ll be happier there. now i’ve got someone to visit over there!

sunday evening, i hosted a little birthday potluck at my place where there was more than enough food. thanks to everyone who came! it was a really interesting mix of people.

but boo—> I got sick the next day! (and no, it wasn’t from too much partying) I just woke up feeling icky and could’ve sworn I had strep throat—so did the doctor. Turned out that I didn’t..but I was sick enough to not go to work for 2 days. blegh. I’m a little better now.

look at prague now. I can’t believe I was there exactly one year ago. I celebrated my birthday in that city last year. so sad to think how many beautiful historic buildings might be getting destroyed.

started reading a new book and found an interesting tidbit. So, the letter ‘e’ is the most commonly used letter in the English alphabet. Georges Perec wrote a 200-page novel called La Disparition that did not use words that contain the letter e. think! that’s pretty darn hard. given, that was a French novel—but it was translated to English by Gilbert Adair, named A Void and also did not contain any words using the letter e. wow.

i’m a little overwhelmed at work. i’m babysitting 2 projects for someone while he’s out, but then i got sick…i just feel so far removed from knowing anything about these projects.

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