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ooooooh…the FCC leaks information on the new Samsung i500, which would be the upgraded version of my current PDA phone. This one looks nice as it looks more like a phone–plus, there’s a number pad. I’ve realized with my current phone how dependent my fingers were on the feel of the numbers on the keypad to be able to dial a number blindly. That’s definitely not as easy anymore as the numbers just appear on the screen. Wonder when it’s going to come out. I must admit, since getting this PDA phone, I use my PDA a lot more now. It used to just sit at the bottom of my purse and I would whip it out occasionally to grab a number. Now, I look at it all the time and use the Datebook feature much more. And now, with the company migrating to use Exchange Calendaring, I can finally do a Hot Synch and check out my meetings there…instead of wondering where my meeting was.

Lots of Leo birthdays—Happy Birthday Gary! Happy Birthday Phoebe! (and tomorrow) Happy Birthday Katie! Tomorrow night will be the 4th Annual Leo Party. Funny how that tradition started the summer I arrived in Seattle. I love it. I love being a leo. We’re everywhere. [smirk]

Spent the day with Phoebe for her birthday with a lovely brunch at Palomino…we then took a random trip down to Tacoma to check out the Museum of Glass, which opened very recently. Surprisingly, the majority of the glass installations were located in public spaces (including Dale Chihuly’s Bridge of Glass). You essentially pay admission just to see the special exhibitions and to see a live glass blowing session. And even then, of the special exhibitions in the gallery that we saw, only half was actual glass work. I was actually probably most intrigued by a non-glass piece called Die Falle by Gregory Barsamian, which used the simple technology of a zoetrope (an automated flipbook and precursor to cinema), sculpted objects and a strobe light. The effect was amazing.

Feet hurt. Went salsa dancing again last night. Last class. Can’t wait to start up sessions again.

I can’t believe I’m moving in just a few days. I have SO much stuff! I’ve decided to try to bring my extra futon into work. See, I work in a pretty big office which was supposed to be for 3 people….but there will never be a 3rd officemate. Because of that, there’s a whole extra corner devoted to nothing…so I’m bringing my futon in. The place I’m moving into is completely different from my current place…I hope I’m making a good decision. I keep getting cold feet thinking about it…more so because of the one-year lease. I still have dreams of getting a condo.. Tomorrow, I’m going to go condo shopping with Fred (for him)…perhaps I’ll see something I just love.

Next weekend, I’ll be heading up to New York and Vermont to go to Phoebe’s wedding..and I cannot wait. I’m meeting up with my dear friend, Megan, who works and lives near Albany and has agreed to be my date to the wedding! I also think that I may be meeting up with Anne, whom I haven’t seen since the day of our graduation! Really looking forward to it….

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