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All Look Same? Someone sent this to me a few years ago..and I forgot about it until I was talking to another Chinese co-worker about how she always gets mistaken for being Korean. I didn’t do too well on this test—only 7/18, which is average I guess. For the most part, I think people can tell I’m Chinese. During the summer, when I’m more tan, I get mistaken for being from one of the more southern Asian countries, like Thailand. A lot of Asians get really offended when they are mistaken for another Asian ethnicity….I think it’s interesting when that happens to me. I want to know what features make me Chinese…or look like another ethnicity.

Ha! Melissa is off of Joe Millionaire–I predicted it with some friends. All that’s left is Zora and Sarah….it has to be Zora. She’s the only one between the two that can probably take the “news” of his actual net worth pretty well considering how psychic she’s appeared to be.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to arrange a team ski trip with some other PMs on my team…in the end, I got 4 others to join me for an awesome day at Crystal—it was snowing the entire time, we definitely caught some powder, and it was just overall a great day for snowboarding. Check out some of the pictures I took that day.

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