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in the entire 11 days i spent in thailand, i never saw the moon. how odd.

i’m now in the tokyo-narita airport…not quite sure what i’m going to do over the next 7 hours. i’m kinda hoping they have one of those excursion things for passengers with long layovers, much like in amsterdam…but i have a feeling tokyo is quite far away from this airport. ah well…i’ll figure something out. i decided to check my bag in, with the assumption that there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that i’m going to be able to jump on an earlier flight to seattle. it’s so sad—anna arrives in nyc only 13 hours after i arrive in seattle–and she leaves 24 hours after i do and has much farther to travel. i’m kicking myself for not spending a bit more and getting the more direct flight. what kills me even more is that i have over 35,000 miles with northwest–enough to upgrade to business class; however, because i spent so little on my flight, i’m not allowed to upgrade, even with my miles. ridiculous. that’s why i like southwest–they don’t care how much, how little, you’ve spent on a flight–if you’ve earned the miles, you’ve earned the reward. plain and simple.

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