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Unfortunately, I didn’t get that place I put an offer on…er…well, they countered with a price I wasn’t willing to pay. So back to the drawing table. With parents in town, we’ve been zipping from condo to condo…mind boggling. I’m so tired of all of this. I just want to find a place to call home. We’ve found some nice ones…it’s just a matter of deciding on neighborhoods.

I forgot to mention that one of my very first friends in Seattle–Jon Pak–moved back to Philly to start med school. Wow. I spent so much time with Jon back in the early days of Seattle, going to Ikea together, getting drinks at the Baltic Room or dancing at I-Spy, finding our first apartments only blocks from each other. At his going away party, Jon reminded me that I gave him a ride back to his corporate housing at Harbor Steps on his first day at work. He’s such a good man and will always be surrounded by love and good friends no matter where he goes. Best of luck in med school, Jon. Keep in touch.

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