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i’m so sick. i’ve been sick for the last 4 days and haven’t been able to go to work at all this week. blegh. what bad timing too—i feel bad that my manager has had to deal with the very last minuteness of the craziness of my 2 projects. all i’ve been doing has been sleeping or sitting on my couch, drinking tea and taking sudafed. this cold just won’t go away. a visit to the doctor yesterday didn’t help much either…he just told me to just continue drinking fluids and taking sudafed. ugh. i actually haven’t been sick for awhile. i was in fairly good health all year long. funny how i got sick just as the weather took a turn for the cold here in seattle. well…it’s not that coincidental. doesn’t surprise me. my body doesn’t take the changing of the seasons very well.

this last week has been hard in regards to my condo-hunt. i finally found another place that i really like…as did pierre! we both put out an offer on the same day. mine was a bit tough because it was already sold contingent…but it’d been like that since april. apparently, the first buyers have had a hard time selling their house. strangely–they sold their house the same day i put out my offer! now, i have to sit through their inspection…but if all goes well, i lose the place. ugh. but pierre got his condo–i’m happy for him. it’s a great unit.

all in all, i’ve put out 3 offers and they’ve all fallen through. i’m so tired of all of this. buying a place is tiring.

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