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My entire life, I’ve been fortunate enough to not really know anyone to pass away—either a friend or family relative that is remotely close. This past Monday, my great uncle Season in Vancouver passed away after battling cancer for months. So sad. He was such an active, healthy man for his age, running the marathon as often as he could. But this cancer hit him hard. I’m only happy that he’s no longer suffering. He’s one of the few relatives I have that actually spoke English…making it easier for me to converse with him and talk about things that I never have the ability to talk about with my other non-English-speaking relatives. My parents flew up here immediately, thinking that the funeral would be sooner than later…but it’s not til Tuesday morning. I’ll be attending the wake and funeral…both being the first of such events for me. It’ll be interesting…I’m not sure how sad I may be…it may surprise me.

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