Whoa–this is trippy. Check this out–it’s a non-animated gif…just an optical illusion. A friend of mine just sent this over.

Last night, I went salsa dancing for the first time in MONTHS. It was great! I can’t wait to start up classes again next week. It was pretty eventful—around midnight, some girl’s nose got broken. A crowd started forming in the corner and next thing I know, there’s a girl lying on the floor with blood all over her white pants. She was likely doing some insane spin and got elbowed in the face. She was kinda small and short–so vulnerable. Ugh…I felt so bad for her. What a shock. I’m not surprised though–it gets so crowded there and I’ve had so many close calls…spinning around, almost running into someone. Lord knows how many times my feet have been stepped on and vice versa.

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