I just took a shower for the first time in my condo. My bathroom—like, I can paint it red or change all the tile if I want to…because it’s mine! What a cool feeling: ownership. I spent most of yesterday moving—thanks to Phoebe, Ray, Peter, Gilles, Rabah, Dave & Fred for helping me out! It was all done in about 4 hours. Whew. Had a lil’ 10 footer from UHaul and we did it all in 2 trips. I brought Misha over last night after the move to introduce him to the new place…he’s still flipping out a bit…walking everywhere, exploring, meowing a lot. He’s figured out where the litterbox is. Good. Now I’ve got tons and tons of unpacking to do. I don’t even know where to begin….

Last night, headed out to dinner with Eugene, Juli & Todd at Il Terrazo Carmine in Pioneer Square–boy, it was yummy…and boy, it was expensive. Afterwards, we headed over to the Stadium Exhibition Center to see The Strokes, this NYC punk band for some good ‘ol fun music. There, I saw Gary! Random. Anyhow, it was fun to catch up with everyone–we had a lot of good laughs. The Strokes were fun to listen to also…..that’s the only word I can use to describe it..fun. Y’know, music where most people around you are just nodding their head like crazy in rhythm in addition to shaking their bodies. Just pure fun.

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