ACK! so much stuff to do and so little time to do it. I always do this to myself–procrastinate with packing. It’s about 1pm and my flight’s in 7 hours and I have yet to even open up my suitcase. I need to pack like crazy and prep my condo so that it’s not a dirty place to come home to—-I have coming home to a dirty place.

Off to L.A. tonight to meet with the entire family–I’m really looking forward to it. Good food and just seeing everyone. I can’t wait to give Christmas gifts too.

Speaking of—I got the most wonderful gift from Pierre: a weekend spa vacation sometime in January or February at the destination of my choice. I researched the other day and found the coolest place but it’s a bit $$$. We’ll have to see….

China doesn’t seem that much colder than Seattle..which is good. I can basically just pack what I wear every day here. In fact, the weather forecast over this next week in Beijing is much nicer than Seattle–sunny and in the 40’s.

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