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It’s so cold here today. Snow came down on Seattle at about 4 this morning—as much as the city was anticipating the snow, it’s certainly not ready for it. There aren’t enough snowplows and certainly not enough sand or salt on the roads. I spent an hour in my car today, getting stuck on hills—definitely could not make it into work. I called my boss about staying in and he was like “don’t worry–no one’s here anyway. No one could make it in”. I can’t even get my car back into my parking lot—there’s a very small little slant for the entryway into my parking lot–and it was so slippery, there was no way I could get my car in without it banging against the brick wall. I just have it parked on the street in the front now—hope the police are lenient about parking today! I doubt the little meter maids can even navigate through the streets anyway. Jigna was telling me that people were snowboarding down Queen Anne Avenue–that’s crazy.

I’m not looking forward to all this beautiful fluffy snow turn into ugly slush—a warm front is moving in and the weather forecaster is predicting “flooding” tomorrow. Great.

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