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ah, new year’s resolutions. I really only have one for this year–and it’s just to take better care of myself. Last year was a complete blur to me as it was completely dedicated to work. I lost touch with friends, I stopped going to the gym, I stopped salsa dancing, I never went to the doctor’s or the dentist (which, as silly as that sounds is horrible for me as I’ve always regularly made my annual checkups a priority). The result: a horrible immune system, proven by the fact that I’ve gotten the flu twice within a one month period. The good thing is that my manager is easing back on my workload a bit, at least for this quarter, to give me some time to recuperate and get me out of the “you’re working on the most important project of this time! work work work to get it out the door!” state of mind. I need to go back to the gym again. I’ve already scheduled my annual physical. I want to start cooking again and dedicating my sunday nights once again to cooking up a nice feast just for myself. And I want to take up something new and different. Don’t laugh–but I want to learn to knit! Starting to look up classes….

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