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I took Eugene out for his birthday last night at Bandoleone and then we watched The Company, the latest Robert Altman film about a company of ballet dancers (Joffrey). I really loved it. As far as plot or storyline goes, this film lacked it—as Eugene stated, it was more of an organic film, sketches of the life of a professional ballet dancer. What I loved most—the sounds. When you watch a performance or see ballet in movies, you never hear what the dancers hear when they’re on stage. Altman really captures the sound of the toeboxes hitting the floor and the swishing the tulle. I remember when I danced ballet how loud it seemed to me the noises from our pointe shoes while performing on stage. But all the audience hears is the music. And of course, the dancing in the movie was really marvelous–the choreography and everything was just spectacular. I left wanting to see more.

Catching up with Eugene got me thinking again about this upcoming year. In my last post, I only put up one New Year’s resolution—which is the most important to me right now. But here’s a full blown list of things I’d like to have accomplished by year’s end:

  1. Get my health back in shape–go to annual physical [done]. I put my health on the shelf last year so that I could go all out at work. While that got my projects done, it killed me physically. Not quite the best prioritization. I need to work smarter and just take better care of myself.
  2. Start going to the gym again. I just flat out stopped going last year cuz’ work was so irregular. I need to find a time regularly for working out and stick to it. I miss that energy.
  3. Start going salsa dancing again. Same story as the gym.
  4. Learn to knit
  5. Take a class in some other form of dance—like bellydancing (although I’ve tried it) or flamenco
  6. Figure out my next steps in my career. I’m kind of in a bleh state–that is, I’m comfortable where I am but haven’t quite figured out the direction I want to go yet…which makes me feel like I’m in this in-between puddle of bleh right now.
  7. Travel somewhere I haven’t been (I try to do this every year–last year, it was Koh Samui and Los Cabos)
  8. Make it to all of my friend’s weddings. This is the year of weddings. I already know of 3 friends with weddings this year (Becky, Linda, Jigna) and I hope to make it to all of them (Texas, Washington D.C., Portland)
  9. Have a housewarming. I actually have a goal of having one no later than spring’s end—but I need to make this a resolution so that I have some sort of goal to get my act together and really make my home a home.
  10. Find time to read more books. Now that I’ve got a giant built-in bookshelf, there’s no excuse for me to not get more books. I read 3 books in China alone. So I can’t really say that I’m a slow reader now.
  11. Start playing piano again. This is a slight stretch because it’s dependent on me either regularly finding a piano or buying one myself–like those cool, cheaper digital ones that sound like real ones.

That’s it.

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