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So long, Captain Kangaroo. I have faint memories of catching his show in its last running years…but I do remember waking up early as a child and watching his show.

Yesterday, I went up to Stevens Pass with Peter and 2 other Microsofties for a day of snowboarding. Man oh man did we get hit with snow—a total of 6 inches! The drive up was hard—instead of the usual 1.5 hours, it took us nearly 3 hours with all the snow on the road. There were accidents aplenty…but well worth the longer drive: there was POWDER everywhere. It was really one of the best snow days I’ve had in awhile. The snow there was just absolutely incredible…and there were many times when I’d cruise through a small bowl where the powder would ride up to my waist. What an amazing feeling. I love days like this because it’s okay to fall…in fact, it’s fun to fall because the snow is so fluffy. This really got me geared up for the Whistler trip next weekend.

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