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what a crazy day.

It started off with me coming into work and getting an email from a good friend/co-worker and finding out that his father very suddenly passed away in the middle of the night–very healthy and only 49 years old. No clue what happened. That’s just awful. I was so overwhelmed with emotion in the morning…even crying a bit as I talked about the ordeal with our other team mate. It’s events like this that just make you realize how much we take for granted our parents.

All day today, I was just writing. I must be bug eyed by now. I really didn’t plan all my reviews writing as well as I could have this year. iIve knocked a bunch of reviews out…but I still have my manager review and my self-evaluation to finish…the two documents that take the longest. There is no way that i’m going to finish these tonight…and I’ve already given my manager a heads up that they’ll be a bit late. I hope that’s all right.

And then, after work, Pierre and I broke up. [sigh] I know this may sound like it’s coming from left field if you’ve only been reading my blog…but it’s something we’ve talked about for awhile. It was very much a mutual decision and our friendship is very much intact. I have no regrets and am just happy that I have gained such a wonderful friend in my life. But it’ll be a bit hard getting over this. 14 months is a long time to say goodbye to.

Fortunately, my day ended on a good note. I went to see the Seattle Opera’s Carmen with my friend, Peter, at the new Marion Oliver McCall Hall, which was just stunning. Oh, what a beautiful opera house it was. The performance itself was just exquisite. The woman that played Carmen had a gorgeous, velvety voice that instantly grabbed the attention of the entire audience.

But here I am, faced with my self-evaluation again…and I just feel like holding my cat. It’s been a rough day.

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