I met up with an interior designer today to go over color schema and furniture placement in my place today…wow, it’s overwhelming to just sit and think about colors for 4 hours straight. Near the end, I was like “yeah yeah, just pick a color and tell me what it is”. Quite an interesting process this was–we spent the first hour or so walking through all the rooms and talking about them so she could get a sense of my space and functionality. By the time she left, we had little blue painter’s tape on a few walls with the names of some Benjamin Moore paint colors written on them. Some of the colors picked out for me: Beaujolais Red, Gloucester Sage, Hampshire Gray and Dash of Pepper. Apparently, the designer has me picked out as a “dramatic, moody” type and I need colors to match that sort of persona…so nothing boring or conservative. Most of the colors are of a darker palette…I can’t wait to see how they look in here! Next: getting a bid from a painter. Hmm..wonder what this is going to cost me.

Just came back from my second Xgym workout: not bad. In fact, I have to admit it felt a lot easier to do, even though there was a bit more weight added. I had a different trainer and I think his “splinters” were far easier and shorter to do.

Party’d up in Vancouver for Labor Day weekend with Kabir and a bunch of his high school buddies–had fun and met new people. Get this–one of the guys (Brent) forgets his passport and we’ll all prepared for a long wait at the border. Instead, the border patrol just asks who forgot their passport, then he does a check on Kabir’s passport (lame) and lets us pass through! He doesn’t even ask Brent if he’s a US citizen. I couldn’t believe how easy that was. That would never fly if I forgot my passport.

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