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pink eye

The good news is that my uveitis did not resurface. The bad news is that I have pink eye instead. First time in my life too. I immediately started on some antibiotic eye drops which have worked like a charm throughout the weekend. My eye is way less red than it was on Friday.

Weekend was busy and fun-filled. Friday, went to a crepe party at Phoebe & Ray’s–what a great idea! Some spinach, mushrooms, banana and nutella and you got yerself a party. Saturday, I went over to the I-District for the Chinese New Year festival in the Union Hall to work at a booth for the Youth Tutoring Program to try to recruit more volunteer tutors. Was really fun actually talking to people about the program while at the same time getting entertained my little Chinese girls doing fan dances. Later that day, I headed to the East Side for Eric & Christina’s farewell party before they head off for the next chapter of their lives in China…and then had a cultural evening with Matt by going to the Symphony to watch a Prokofiev piano concerto and Mahler’s Fourth Symphony. Today was a restful day which ended by attending a Graha Pravesh at Jigna & Matt’s (a blessing of their house by a Pundit).

While at the I-District on Saturday, I decided to sign up for Comcast Cable Internet since they were having a “lunar new year” special ($24.95 for 6 months). I just finally installed the new modem and it works like a charm. But argh, my wireless is still all messed up. I wonder what the issue is with that–maybe Linksys just sucks and I need to change my router. The signal never seems to reliably be up. So frustrating.

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