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Big Sky, Here I Come

I’ve been crazy busy at work, leaving at later hours–Monday at 8pm, last night at 10pm. I have sooo much to do and only so many hours to do it in a given, sane day. I leave for a few days of snowboarding at Big Sky later today–wahoo! But man, what a price to pay to take a few days off, scrunching all the work I would have done in a week into the few days I am at work. I’ve already delayed turning in my annual self-review, a document that I usually spend days writing as it’s my one opportunity to document basically everything I did at the company in the last year. I asked for an extension last night…let’s see if I get it. Otherwise, I’ll have to be turning something in that’s really short and bullet-pointed in this year. Oh well. This just means I’m bringing my laptop to Big Sky with me…yay. I can’t wait to check out this mountain…I’ve never even been to Montana, not even driven through it so this’ll be a first in a lot of ways. The peak of Big Sky is 11,180 feet–how crazy is that? 23 inches of snow last week and it’s been getting some good snow all week long this week so conditions should be ripe for some good powder days.

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