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The votes are in

Election Day was yesterday—I came home and had 15 minutes to run to the nearest poll. I grabbed my keys and ran down the street with less than 5 minutes left before the polls closed. Got inside–
“Did I make it in time?!”
“You sure did! We were just about to close up!”
“Great–I don’t know what my voter id number is though..”
“No problem, do you have ID on you? That’s the new rule this year.”
“Oh crap. My ID. I just grabbed my keys and ran down here”

I knew I didn’t have enough time to run home and come back. I fumbled around my pockets hoping that I had my Microsoft badge somewhere on me..but I didn’t. Just my keys…but then…
“Wait–I have this gym membership card! It has my name on it…”
“Oh, I live next to that gym! Hm…”
“Will it work?”
“It’s a stretch..but you look desperate to vote…all right..”


In the end, we voted to

  • Keep the gas tax to rebuild a bunch of transportation problems (yay)
  • Ban smoking in public places & workplaces and within 25 feet of doors, windows & vents (yay, although I’m still annoyed about the 25 feet bit)
  • Ban the Monorail (although tax payers still have to pay the monorail vehicle tax for the next 2 years to pay off the debt it had accumulated) (boo)
  • Keep Mayor Nickels around longer (sure)
  • Say no to both medical malpractice initiatives (sure)
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