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flight delays

My flight was pretty nifty—last night, prior to going to bed, I finally decided–after some research–to buy & download this software called MyTVToGo which will easily convert my dvr-ms TV shows from Media Center onto the new Apple Video iPod that I got a few weeks back. All I can say is “sweet”. Nothing beats a plane ride being able to catch up on Prison Break and Gray’s Anatomy. I was really happy with the software and it couldn’t have been any easier.

As for flight delays, my brother’s flight is majorly delayed. He was supposed to leave Boston around 8pm but instead left at 10:52pm. Instead of arriving around 11:30pm, he’s arriving now close to 1:19am. I’m the lucky one who volunteered to go pick him up…so here I am with all of my family asleep while I try oh so hard to stay up so I can pick him up. Ugh. [yawn]

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