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Time for the holidays!

I leave on a flight in 3 hours to head to Florida with Matt to spend Christmas with his parents. This will be the first Christmas ever for me without my parents–kind of a big deal. But then, this relationship is a big deal…so I can’t wait. Matt’s parents are so warm and inviting and I’m just looking forward to a week of hanging out and chill time.

I’ve got about 2 hours to kill before my ride (thanks Tim) comes to get me. I think I’m packed. I just really need to change and then pack all the little tiny stuff (magazines to read on the plane, ipod, chargers, toothbrush, etc..) I’m currently watching the season finale of Nip/Tuck and it’s oh so good. This show is highly addictive.

I know I’m not, like, a crazy sports person or baseball fan, but I still can’t believe that Damon is going over to the Yankees. Matt is flipping out.

Anyway, back to the final finishes of packing, then food, then finish watching Nip/Tuck. Ciao!

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