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Oy vey. My first 24 hours in Florida was hilarious. After arriving from a red eye, I sleepily picked up my bag and headed north with Matt’s parents for a bite to eat and then a nap back at their house. After waking up from my nap, I opened up my suitcase to brush my teeth…only to realize that the clothes in the bag were not mine! Now–this was approximately 8 hours after leaving the airport! I checked my phone messages and found that JetBlue had called me 3 times urgently because the woman whose suitcase I had picked up was leaving for Jamaica the next day. We drove the hour back to the airport to return the suitcase and pick up mine. They were literally the exact same bag–same brand, same color…mine was just a bit more tattered. I can’t believe I did that–that was a first. Good thing I caught it before that woman left for Jamaica!

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