Moving in together…

Today is it. Matt is officially moved into my place–there are boxes everywhere and clothes waiting to be hung (I’ve been bad and unable to figure out how to clear my closets of my own clothes). We’re going to be spending this Labor Day weekend unpacking and getting his stuff settled in. Whew. Big step for me as I’ve never lived with a significant other ever–of course, he’s my fiance so there was no question after we got engaged that we wanted to co-habitate as soon as possible. Personally, I’m super psyched. Married friends of mine always talk about how much it helped to live together prior to getting married.

But you know what I’m scared of? The only thing. Having Matt’s cat, Zuki, meet my cat, Misha. I’ve been researching this and have even talked to my vet—and for at least the first week or two, we’re lockin’ Zuki up in the upstairs bathroom. I know it sounds cruel—but everyone says that the new cat needs a safe room. The cats will have an opportunity to smell each other which is the most important thing. [sigh] I hope this goes well! Matt is packing up the last of his stuff as I type this—and Zuki is the last thing he’s bringing over. Let’s see how it goes!

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