Quick update…

It’s been about 2 weeks since Matt’s moved in and the place is surprisingly clutter-free, mainly due to a surprise visit by my parents, grandmother and auntie this week (in reality, the clutter all moved to closets or side areas). Zuki is out of the bathroom (she’s actually sitting in the closet currently) and the cats seem to be…faring better than we would’ve expected. Misha’s been incredibly patient and just curious, always wanting to play with Zuki. Zuki’s growls, hisses and occasional swats don’t seem to faze Misha at all which is good. For now, they “deal” with each other.

Matt and I started taking a beginner open water scuba diving class last night–it’s a 2 weekend course and is so exciting! Our goal is to book a honeymoon somewhere around ocean and dive sites. On our first night of the course, we hit the pool after about 2 hours of instruction–it was so fun learning various things in the pool such as buoyancy and getting water out of your mask.

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