little milestones

Little milestones hit today….

Matt and I officially made our first 2 open water scuba dives ever! We woke up at 6am to get ready for and meet our class up at the Mukilteo Ferry Dock to go diving at 8am. Fortunately, the weather was perfect–that is, little wind, sun, no rain, currents good. And, much to my surprise, I was not cold whatsoever in the wet suit! I’ve been dreading the idea of freezing my butt off in the Puget Sound this weekend, but I remained rather comfortable for both of the dives! It was only near the end of the first dive that my toes started getting a bit cold, but otherwise, it wasn’t bad! I can’t believe I was in the water of the Puget Sound this morning. We saw some neat stuff–lots of crabs, baby jellyfish and really interesting starfish. I even saw a toilet at the bottom–ha! Two more dives tomorrow and we’ll be officially certified as basic divers! Yee haw! I should note that one of the reasons we’re getting certified is so that we can honeymoon somewhere tropical and go diving…so we’re getting interested in places like Belize now….

Matt caught Zuki using Misha’s litterbox. Last week I caught Misha using Zuki’s litterbox. Know what this means? The cats can share a litterbox! So we got rid of the one in the main bathroom upstairs (thank god) and hope that a single litterbox household will work for the 2 cats! What else is cool—we’ve noticed that they are willing to eat out of the same food bowl, by virtue of the two of them constantly eating in the other’s bowl. Sadly, we need to keep their food separate due to special dietary needs for Zuki….but hey, we’re psyched. We really thought we’d need to keep two litterboxes around for the cats.

I finally switched to Vonage.

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