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First 24 Hours in Hong Kong…

We’ve been in Hong Kong for less than 24 hours and I already feel like we’ve done a ton….or perhaps I’m just really tired from traveling. Matt and I left for SeaTac airport at 10:15am on the 24th and finally landed in Hong Kong around 11:30pm on the 25th. Whew. Our flight over was actually incredibly stress-free and quite enjoyable: we took Korean Airlinesand got one of the newer planes which is equipped with an In-Flight Entertainment screen for every seat—we all had access to over 20 movies to watch in our own time (and recent ones, like Click, Little Miss Sunshine and Scoop), lots of music, games, etc. It also helped that the food was great and the seats were roomy. There was even wireless Internet available! It honestly made the flight pass by like that…and I only slept for maybe an hour out of the whole 12 hour flight to Seattle. Matt and I ate udon noodles in the Incheon Airport in Korea for our Christmas dinner–just hit the spot! We finally arrived in Hong Kong and took the Airport Express to Kowloon and met up with my parents at the hotel for a quick chat and catch up before hitting bed….although we didn’t really fall asleep until nearly 3am.

We woke up around 9am and were on the road within the hour to get some breakfast beef congee..then wandered around shopping for a bit before meeting up with my mama, auntie and uncle for dim sum at Luk Yu Teahouse in Central–yum! After that, we whisked off to the shopping center and fitted Matt for a tux and suit. Yup, he now officially has his wedding day tux all selected and picked out! That was some quick shopping! We then headed over to the IFC Mall to get some wedding jewelry for me and then browsed around a bit more shopping. I’m back to feeling super fat as I go into stores and have to ask for the largest size possible. Matt tried on a jacket in G2000–the largest size they had–and it was still too small for him! I’m debating whether or not to get a tailored cheongsam or to attempt to find one that I can fit in pre-made in a store. I’ll have to shop around a bit. In the evening, we ate dinner at the Verandah at the Peninsula Hotel…again, delicious. We called it an early evening with jet lag setting in…and here I am in my parents room blogging. Long day!

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