Playing with Hulu

It’s 1:09am and I finally got a beta invite to check out Hulu.com, the new online video service featuring content from NBC, FOX, MGM, Universal…heck, a lot of the big players. (thanks Euge for the invite!) I’m still getting a hang of it but am definitely noticing a heck of a lot of shows that I happen to like and watch (The Office, SNL, Heroes, 30 Rock, etc…) After previewing a few, I realized that it’s Hulu that powered the episode of Desperate Housewives I watched the other night when my DVR failed to record it. Neat! I’ll have to follow up with a more thorough review after going through the site more, but for now, in my brief 10 minutes of scanning through it, I leave you to watch the entire Sideways movie, which I can now embed via Hulu. Sweet!

And just to check out the snipping feature, here’s this week’s episode of Heroes where Hiro says goodbye to the Princess: (this whole snippet is in Japanese, Asayo!)

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