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less plastic in my pocket

I just cancelled 3 credit cards. Like that. That feels good. What’s even more awesome — in the process, I reduced the APR on a current travel credit card and got more flight credits added. See, I have 2 Chase credit cards. It’s totally unnecessary to have both, so I called to cancel one. In the process of doing so, to keep me as a customer for the other one, they reduced the APR and gave me 2 add’l flight credits. Yay. As for the other credit cards, quite frankly, I barely use them. For one, my last purchase on it was January 2004! I’m happy as one of my New Year’s resolutions was to cancel unnecessary credit cards….which got me thinking, what are other resolutions I want to make? Well, here goes:

  • Get more healthy/Lose weight. I lost an incredible amount of weight prior to the wedding, which I was very proud of; however, I immediately gained it all back within a few months after the wedding. Boo. I just let go of all the good habits I had started developing pre-wedding. It’s time for me to get back on that wagon.
  • Learn pilates. I’m signed up beginning tomorrow at Element!
  • Become more of a morning person. I say this every year. I never really get any better but it’s still a lofty goal. I made my pilates appointment at 8:30am, so hopefully that will be a starting incentive to help me become more of a morning person.
  • Travel somewhere I’ve never been. Hopefully, if all works out, this year it will be to Iceland. This is also a resolution I make every year—last year, I made it to Tahiti 🙂
  • Make an investment. I cashed out my remaining Amazon stock last year and the money has just been sitting in my Charles Schwab account since. Now, it’s not a ton but I could be doing something with it other than having it sit there. I’ve been meaning to re-invest it into something long term.
  • Take the bus more to work. In the brief time in which my eyesight was bleh at the end of last year, I was taking the Commuter/bus to work, which was great. Since, I’ve gone back to driving in again all the time. I’d like to make it a goal to bus it in more often. Save the environment. yeah.
  • Get my taxes done on my own. Okay, I’m married now. We should file jointly. I get my taxes filed by the family tax attorney every year. Yeah, it’s convenient…but it also means I know nada about taxes.
  • Finish changing my name. My maiden name is still on a number of documents…and hopefully I can switch everything over by the end of the year.

Okay, that’s probably a good number of things.

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