Iceland here we are!

I haven’t blogged recently as we’ve been traveling quite a bit — to Napa and then to Hawaii (both for weddings)….and now, we are in Iceland! We’re here for the next 8 days and looking forward to visiting geysers, waterfalls, glacier lagoons and many many dips in geo-thermal swimming pools (such as the Blue Lagoon). Don’t know how much Internet access I’ll have (using free wi-fi from the airport right now as we wait in the baggage claim for Debbie & Saevar, our traveling partners, to arrive from NYC). First impressions before leaving airport:

  • wow, the blue lagoon is huge from the air
  • damn, this place looks barren—better not breakdown on a road here
  • the airport looks like Ikea designed it
  • everyone looks related to Saevar
  • that was the easiest passport/immigrations ever

Looking forward to it!

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