City Chase Bring it on!

Man, summer just flies by! Yes, I still need to post photos from Iceland (which I’m still working on so I can tell a nice story), but I have posted a few:

Album on Facebook — this is a high level overview in 60 pictures of the entire trip (you don’t need to be part of Facebook to access this link)

Landscapes – pretty photos

Food we ate — from whale to puffin….

People & Experiences — this is the album I’m still working on…but here, you can mainly see the photos of us and our traveling companions, Debbie & Saevar!

But anyhooo….what I’m really excited about is CITY CHASE USA! I just learned about this Amazing Race-type of event that is essentially an “urban race” around Seattle, involving challenges that are mental, physical, who-knows-what. The event itself is actually in 20 countries and many cities in the U.S. Matt and I are racing as “Team Moohaha” and so excited. The race is tomorrow and we have no idea what’s in store for us. Here’s a cool video to give you a sense of what this race is about.

We’ve prepared thus far with having camelbaks, prepping our cell phones and finding an “at home” contact to look things up for us on the computer (thanks Derrick!). Grr—it may rain tomorrow….Wish us luck!

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