Another year goes by….

I turned 31 this year and had a pretty laid back celebration, inviting a few friends over for a birthday bbq on the rooftop. Thank goodness for the sun coming out last minute! Here are photos that I took. On my actual birthday, on Monday, Matt surprised me by taking me to dinner at Tilth, which was delicous. Tilth is located in Wallingford and specializes in using local, organic foods. I’ve only had brunch there and the dinner was equally as delicious. We happened to be there on an evening where there was a set menu featuring Alm Farms from Emerson, WA. The menu was:

Fennel Soup
fennel, breakfast radish, purslane

Purple Potato Salad
bacon, frisee, sous-vide duck egg

Skagit River Ranch Pasture Raised Goat
farro, sweet corn, goat milk

P, B & J
blackberry smoothie, almond butter, pain perdu

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