Aaron on Everyday Edisons

As some of you may know, my little brother, Aaron, has made it on television again (previously was on “American Inventor“)—this time on a PBS show, sponsored by the U.S. Patent Office, called “Everyday Edisons” which showcases the invention process and what it takes to go from idea to actual product on store shelves. He was one of 12 chosen to be featured in Season 2 (and note that all products from Season 1 contestants are now actual, retail products!). Again, he went with his anemone alarm clock which he designed sometime in college. Here are a few episodes that he’s been on. I think there may be 1 more episode coming up this next week, which I’ll post once that airs:

Show where he’s introduced

“Ideation Creation” — the beginning stage of the show’s team working on his design

“Engineers Gone Wild” — the design starts getting finalized

It’s always exciting to see my little brother on TV—hope that the story ends with his clock being available on store shelves this Christmas!

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