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I’m still here….

Oh lord, I’ve been terrible at updating this blog. All right, time to get back into it. Meanwhile, gotta update you with stuff since my last post:

  • Aaron’s bouncing alarm clock story on Everyday Edisons concludes with the idea getting sold by Spencer’s Gifts (I remember going there when I was a teeny bopper to get a lava lamp and all sorts of gimmicky gadgets). Congrats lil’ bro! Here’s a video of him finding this out:
  • We went down to New Orleans to attend Paul and Teresa’s wedding and had an awesome time. First time in the city and we really enjoyed our stay there. Here are our pictures from trip there as well as the wedding. Awesome weather, delicious food, great company, fun ghost and cemetery tours and an overall good time.
  • We went on a hot air balloon ride for the first time also—it was a beautiful beautiful flight! Many thanks to Aaron who gave this to us a a wedding gift and it took us a good year or so to finally get on a succesful flight (we’d tried several times but wind conditions have to be *just* perfect). We experienced a gorgeous sunset and it was an overall pleasant experience. Here are our pictures from the experience.
  • Matt got a G1 Phone and loves it. I know I know…how dare I since I’m a Windows Mobile employee?
  • Saw Lang Lang in concert again at Benaroya…this time it was a Chopin concert. Again, brilliant. Just brilliant.
  • Just last night, we went to a Haunted Corn Maze out at Maris Farms, about 45 min. south of Seattle. It’s not really haunted, of course, but they’ve gone out and set up actors and traps and all sorts of fun stuff throughout the corn field. We had a great time–totally recommend it if you’re looking for something fun to do in the area.
  • Oh, and remember that trip up to Vancouver Island over Labor Day? Super fun hanging out with Matt and Asayo and the dogs. Matt S., Asayo and I went bungee jumping for the first time which was a thrill. Here’s some good video of both me and Asayo doing our bungee jumps—whose scream sounds more scared?
  • Me


And alas, the Fall is upon us, the leaves are changing and it’s already nearly Halloween. I’m pretty excited about our plans this year—we’re going to the Bonza Bash Masquerade Ball at EMP. Matt is going to go in classic masquerade (tux and mask) while I’m going to be an Asian Marie Antoinette! I’m getting a wig and everything! Should be fun as we join a good group of folks to attend.

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